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My Notes on LA RubyConf 2014


I was fortunate enough to attend LA RubyConf 2014:

  • Drove my Spark EV to a charging station close to the hotel in Burbank and paid for charging rather than parking.
  • Good to see familiar faces.
  • Sessions were as good this year as the previous ones.

I only took detailed notes on one presentation, the Pair Programming session by Joe Moore.

Otherwise, my notes on the rest of the 1-day conference are here.

The Presentations

As Easy As Rails

Justin Searls


works for Test Double


Slides: As Easy As Rails. Fast moving talk on the risk of trying to do everything in Rails when functionality is moving to the client-side. Great presentation.

Addressing Sexism

Summary: thoughtful talk.

More notes here.

C Ruby

Summary: persuasive presentation of the synergy between Ruby and C.

Writing Games with Ruby

Presenter’s confession: writing games if FUN! My confession: Looks much easier than I thought it would.

Because: Ruby!

My further notes here.

TDD and SOLID Design

My understanding grew of how a working knowledge of SOLID can really make your TDD coding easier, faster to develop, and easier to change.

Great presentation.

Write Small Things

Summary: Keep your methods and classes small for most maintainable code.

Since I already try to do this, it was interesting and useful to find some specific techniques and justifications.

Go(lang) for the Rubyist

The one presentation I missed; here’s his presentation: Go(lang) for the Rubyist. I had to leave early for another commitment; dang it.