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Maintainable Views


  • Some suggestions for doing good software practices in view templates


  • Contrasted conflicting needs of designers vs programmers.
  • Good discussion of helpers vs partials vs presenters and where to use each.


  • Can’t think of any


Assumption: already know how to write markup.

Unmaintainable templates

  • Markup repetition
  • Logic in templates

Markup Repetition

  • Good designer repeat tehmselves.
  • Good programmers don’t.

Avoid markup repetition

  • Abstract interface components.
  • Use partials.

Logic in templates

  • Highly repetitive.
  • Painful to test.

Problems with Helpers

  • Big projects end up with tons.
  • Difficult to organize.
  • Complex logic isn’t well suited for them.
  • Don’t feel right.

What presenter wants is decorator pattern.

  • wraps a single object
  • Transparent interface
  • forwards methods to originla object

In our case:

  • Adds presentational logic to models without affecting the model itself.

Implementing a Decorator.

  • Uses a +method_missing* to forward object.
  • He has a base decorator class.
  • Whatever is used for a model goes into a single Decorator subclass for that model.
  • In the view, the decorator looks like the original model object.


  • Access to the view context
  • Easily decorate collections
  • Prtends to be decorated object (helpful for +form_for+ and such)
  • Easily decorate associations

Complex views

Unique and/or complex UI behavior will quickly outgrow helpers

Uses Presentation Model

The Presentation Model is of a self-contained class that represents all the data and behivor of the UIT window.

Learning from JavaScript libraries

  • Thanks, Backbone.

So, presenter is passed

  • template
  • each model object needed.

a #to_s method renders.

Presenter likes to use a helper to create the presenter/view objects.

This concept comes built-in with Rails. form_for which you can create a custom FormBuilder class.

Final tips

  • Use i18n
  • Find gems to do this work for you (eg. simple_form, table_cloth)

New project called self that is trying to solve a lot of these concerns.