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Meetup - Agile Leader Storyline

Agile Leader Storyline (“Your Life is a Movie”)

I attended a very interesting presentation by agile master Scott Dunn at the last Agile Socal meetup about how “living a better story” can enhance your scrum master performance (or any part of your left, for that matter).

O No! Not another ‘self-help’ experience!

But, lo, I liked it!

Writing Small Things

Small Code

  • Not about less code.
  • Rather it’s about organizing the code into smaller classes and smaller methods.
  • Don’t start with it; refactor towards it.


My Notes on LA RubyConf 2014


I was fortunate enough to attend LA RubyConf 2014:

  • Drove my Spark EV to a charging station close to the hotel in Burbank and paid for charging rather than parking.
  • Good to see familiar faces.
  • Sessions were as good this year as the previous ones.

I only took detailed notes on one presentation, the Pair Programming session by Joe Moore.

Otherwise, my notes on the rest of the 1-day conference are here.

C Ruby

Summary: getting to know how C is used in Ruby and the synergies between them:

  • Understanding Ruby
  • Speeding up Ruby
  • Accessing non-Ruby libraries.

Addressing Sexism

Takeaway: Thoughtful presentation on sexism in the programming community and the challenges in addressing it.